Every Knitter has a huge stash of yarn…..

There’s nothing like a winter storm to stimulate one to rummage in the closets and dig out those bags of yarn just waiting to be knitted.  Particularly enticing is some handspun wool that I’ve spun over the past year.  I often buy just a pound bag of wool (as the fleece is expensive); then I end up with lovely wool that isn’t enough for a sweater.  This past month I’ve begun putting together some complementary colors that are enough for a sweater project.  One is a purple/grey/black mix of merino, alpacca and angora that goes well with some light grey correidale yarn.  For the other project, I put together two blue merino yarns, both with a teal cast. I’ll post some photos here of the projects in progress.



Christmas Crafts

Here’s a version of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s watchcap, done with handspun wool and mohair.  It makes a fluffy cap that is light and warm.  Everyone looks wonderful wearing them.


Gen and Doug