Chocolate and Popcorn

The Sunday papers came with some great classical recipes.  For the true Chocoholic, the New York Times magazine had a retrospective article on low flour chocolate cakes, focusing on an Evelyn Sharpe recipe from 1969.  I’m DEFINITELY going to try that recipe this week.  Chocolate decadence indeed:

This is not the picture from the article, but the look is close.

The Sunday Boston Globe Magazine had an article focusing on dressing up freshly popped popcorn.  In addition to some really good recipes (the parmesan-black pepper version is a keeper, but do use the butter and not the olive oil), there are also directions for popping the corn in the microwave with your own paper bag.  Lots of good ideas here for good snacking.


2 thoughts on “Chocolate and Popcorn

  1. I make a cake very similar to that but without the tablespoon of flour. I think mine came from a Nigella Lawson cookbook. It's delicious, and all my gluten-intolerant friends are crazy about it. I like to melt a bit of chocolate and stir it into the whipped cream so it's streaky.

  2. I'm going to try the recipe this week (was out of eggs, so had to wait for a trip to the store). I like the idea of stirring chocolate into the whipped cream!

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