Unfinished Projects

I’ve joined the knitting site called Ravelry (http://ravelry.com); it not only offers lots of information about knitting, patterns, yarns, and connections with other knitters and spinners, but it allows you to catalog information and photos of projects and stashed yarn.  What a joy to make some sense of the boxes of yarn from years past.

In doing this cataloging, I came across three projects that I had never finished.  One is a complicated pattern that I gave up on after knitting the body; I have to think about whether to make that a vest or finish the sleeves.  A second project was a cardigan that I partially finished: I did the two fronts and back and started the sleeves; it was at the point that I learned circular knitting and I just put the project aside.  The third project was a cashmere cardigan that I realized when I got to the sleeves that I didn’t have enough yarn to finish them.  So there all these projects sat for YEARS!

Thanks to my organization for Ravelry, I’ve dug these projects out and am going to finish them.  Last night at the Woods Hole Knitting Group, I finished the Cashmere piece as a vest with little cap sleeves.  I just have to weave in the yarn ends and sew on buttons.  It looks great!

Above is a photo of the project after I finished one cap sleeve; the second was finished last night.
The next project I will finish is the cardigan sweater.  This one needs to have the sleeves finished and the front bands and neck edging knitted.  That shouldn’t take too long.  It feels very satisfying to go back and finish two of these projects started so many years ago!

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