Finishing Ancient Projects

I’m digging through my stash of old yarn to organize it, and I’ve found several old unfinished projects.  They date from the time before I discovered knitting in the round, so the sweaters were in pieces, not sewn together.  I’m guessing they were unfinished because of limited amounts of yarn.  I finished two of the sweaters over the last month, finishing a beautiful black cashmere with short cap sleeves (plenty of yarn to do that) and a dark blue cardigan was finished with 3/4 sleeves (just enough yarn for that).  The third project was abandoned, I think, because of the tedious involved pattern.  Only the body was finished of that; I still have to decide what to do with it. I may make a vest, as I think that would look fine.  I do have plenty of yarn to do sleeves if I decide to.  Here are the finished cardigans:

This is the completed body of the other sweater.  I still have to decide what to do about finishing that project.  Suggestions anyone????

One thought on “Finishing Ancient Projects

  1. I don't know if you have decided what to do with the patterned blue sweater body, but I agree it would make a nice vest. You could also make it into a cap sleeve / shorter sleeve sweater, similar to this in shape:

    The “sleeves” could be a more muted or subtle pattern, drawing from the darker blues used in the body.

    Anyway, just a suggestion!
    With love,

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