New Year Challenges

What a fantastic Christmas present!

I may get a chance to use up some of my boxes of homespun wool this winter.  My husband made me an inkle loom for my Christmas present.  It’s not only beautiful, but it’s a fully functional loom for weaving narrow strips of fabric.  I’ve never done any weaving before, so here’s my chance to learn a little bit about how it is done.  My daughter is the experienced weaver in the family, but it will be fun to learn a bit about the process.  I do have loads of wool that I’d love to use up!

December String Ensemble Concert; Cultural Center of Cape Cod

I had a wonderful, rejuvenating break from this Fall’s cello playing over the Christmas holidays; now I’m motivated to start the new year with work on technique and some new pieces.  String Ensemble doesn’t start again until mid February, so I have lots of time to devote to scale work, some new etudes, work on a Bach gigue, a thumb position Breval piece, and begin a beautiful Brahms Sonata.  It’s a joy and a gift to be able to play such beautiful music on such a lovely instrument.  Cellos are awesome!

Someone shared this wonderful musical cartoon with me:

Happy New Year everyone!

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