Trying out the Inkle Loom and New Orchids

After making a set of heddles, I was able to warp the loom using several different designs.  There are limited design possibilities with this warp faced weave, but the resulting bands are colorful, interesting, and useful for decorative bands on clothing or for handles for handbags or camera bags or whatever.  Next I want to experiment with a wider band, and perhaps try a balanced weave to see how the loom works for this.

I made the first heddles with cotton twine, but switched to a synthetic twine which is stronger and less apt to snag the yarn.

Warping the loom
Three different bands; this was practice in creating different warp faced designs.

I came home from the orchid show this weekend with two new orchids, a Cattleya with yellow and purple blooms and a Dendrobium with lovely white and pink flowers.  Nice color to create a sense of spring inside the house!


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