Monday Painters

If painting is fun and rewarding, painting with others who enjoy plein air painting is just that much better.  The local artists’ guild has a members’ group called “Monday Painters”; the group meets at different beautiful places in town and everyone paints for most of the morning.  At the end we meet to see the beautiful results and get encouraging comments from colleagues.  The locale this week was “Little Harbor” in Woods Hole.  It was very hot and very, very humid by the end of the morning, but my painting turned out successfully.

Gardens above the harbor – oil on canvas, 16×20

Painters at the critique session at noon

Painting in Woods Hole the following Monday was almost as warm and humid, but there was a much appreciated breeze. This week I focused on the Coast Guard ship moored in the harbor.  I need all the practice I can get painting boats; they are difficult to render.

Coast Guard ship in Little Harbor – oil on board – 12×16