Neighbors on the beach

I had fun this weekend doing a painting of two of our neighbors relaxing on the beach.  Oil/palette knife is always a challenge (especially when using figures in the landscape), so I was pleased that the scene and the figures were pretty representative of what I saw.  I sent an email photo to the friends; they were ecstatic about the painting, so much so that I promised them a print of the painting.

“Neighbors on the Beach” oil palette knife on board – 12×16

I don’t often do prints of my paintings, although I do often photograph them for making greeting cards; however, those photos are hand held and only printed in small sizes.  So I tried my hand at photographing the painting with my camera on a tripod, working for good detail and good color representation.  What I didn’t count on was that these detailed closeups were affected by lens aberrations. The horizon line, straight in the painting, was curved in the photograph.  So, I now have learned how to straighten out lens distortion using Photoshop Elements. You never can predict what you are going to have it learn when you try doing something new!  Lots of effort doing this, but now I’m beginning to see what I need to do as I photograph my paintings (something I want to continue to do to keep a record of what I have been doing).


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