Spinning for an Aran sweater



I have several pounds of white fleece that have been just sitting there waiting to be spun.  When my husband said he’d really like an Aran Fisherman’s sweater, I decided that was a perfect use for this fleece.  I have about 1 1/4 pounds spun into yarn at this point, and have started to knit the sweater.  The yarn is a lighter weight than usually used for sweaters of this type; this will be a sweater than can be worn indoors successfully, I hope. The yarn is two ply and has a nice sheen. I chose a pattern from an Interweave Press book; the patterns are not too difficult and the yarn knits to gauge with #6 needles over the specified pattern.

Beginning of the back of the sweater

It’s a long time since I’ve done pattern knitting; for a number of years I have been knitting in the round and knitting mostly in color patterns.  I’m seeing the sense, though, of knitting back and forth for these sweaters; it’s a lot easier to keep track of when the twists and cable crosses happen, as they are confined to the right side rows.  So far, the project is going well.



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