Fisherman Sweater Completed

I guess good presents, particularly handmade ones, take a while to finish.  My husband is pleased with his Fisherman Sweater, and I was delighted that it turned out just like the pattern photo and was true to size!  Success!  This was a difficult pattern and it took a lot of time to knit.  So I was glad that the finished product was successful.

DSCN0002 Finished Sweater

Now I’m working to complete a vest from one of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s patterns.  It’s knit in handspun merino wool that is a mix of yellow, green, and pink that is called “daffodil”. I will do the trim in a greenish shade.
EZ Vest









I also just completed the “Nautilus Hat” from Zimmermann’s newest garter stitch book; I made note of starting in in my previous post.  It was complicated to knit, but the final result looks just like the photo on the front of the book.