Woods Hole Winter Craft Workshops

The Woods Hole Historical Society again this year has offered a series of wonderful winter craft workshops to the community. Last Thursday evening I went to the first week of a two week basketry workshop.  This is the first time I’ve tried any basketry and so far, in spite of a few pricked fingers and beginner’s confusion, I am having a lot of fun constructing a good sized market basket.

During the first session we assembled the staves and did the weaving of the bottom of the basket.  We took home the partially constructed basket with directions to let it dry with the wood strips for the sides in an upright position.  Next week we will weave the sides and (we hope) finish the basket.  We learned that materials for baskets like these are in short supply, as the overseas supplies are scarce,  and as a result the cost of materials is zooming.  Below is the beginning of my basket!

Basketry 1

Right side of the bottom of the basket

Basketry 2

Sides being held in an upright position (by an ace bandage!) until the wood dries.



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