Basketry Week II

It was a rainy/snowy night, but everyone turned out for the second basketry session.  Turning the bottom up to the sides was a challenge for all of us new to making baskets, but with our instructor’s help everyone made great progress on the sides of the basket.  I finished most of the sides (This is an 11″ tall basket); we were sent home with the basket and some extra spline to finish the sides at home and “pack down” the weaving after it dried.  I have one or two rows to do and then I will finish with a tapered piece that goes 1/2 way around the basket.  Next time (we had to add a third session) we will finish the top and add the handles.  This is going to be a very useful basket!  I can’t wait to post the finished basket in a few weeks.

BasketII-1 BasketII-2

I’m also working on some knitting for a new grandchild!  I completed a white baby bonnet and am working on EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket, made with wool I spun at Averill and dyed with lichens from the Averill woods.  A very special knitting project!

Bonnet 1

Knitted Bonnet before it was sewn together

Baby Surprise1

Beginning of the “Baby Surprise Jacket”.


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