Baby Surprise Jacket finished!

I love Elizabeth Zimmermann patterns.  They always stretch your understanding of how increases, decreases, short rows and other techniques create texture from your knitting.    The pattern creates a piece of knitting that looks nothing like a sweater until the end when, voila, you fold it into a beautiful baby sweater.

This pattern took about 4 ounces of my finely spun wool/mohair mix that was dyed using lichens collected along Cottage Road in Averill.  A true Vermont sweater from beginning to end!

Baby Surprise 2

First half of the sweater

Baby Surprise 3

Complete sweater at the end of knitting

Baby Surprise 4

Folded into the sweater: the only seam is along the shoulders and arms

Baby Surprise 5

Finished sweater. There are buttonholes on both sides, so you can sew on the buttons once you know the gender of the baby!




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