Drop Spindle Workshop at the Woods Hole Museum

I’ve been spinning for years, but I’ve never used a drop spindle.  So when the historical museum offered a workshop in using the drop spindle I signed up.  About 8 people showed up.  The gal who ran the workshop supplied spindles constructed from old CD’s to those who didn’t have a spindle.  My husband made me two spindles from wood he had lying around in his workshop; they are beautiful!  I may decorate them with paintings of sheep, but for now I’m just practicing with them. The larger spindle worked more easily; it kept whirling for a longer period of time and I was eventually able to start drafting with a little speed.  I think the drop spindle might be useful for spinning singles for fine knitting.  But, I really appreciate the easy of spinning with my wheel now!!!

Drop Spindles

Spindles made by my husband


Here’s a link to a website called “Spinning Daily” where you can download a free ebook with directions on how to spin with a drop spindle.  The first article even shows you how to construct a spindle from old CD’s.



I’ve started spinning a gray fleece that I bought over a year ago.  It will make a nice fair isle sweater paired with some dark blue fleece that I’ve just finished spinning.

Spinning Gray Fleece DSCN0018


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