Fiber gifts

Brown Alpacca Alpacca

I stopped over at the art center to find out that they had a surprise for me: someone had donated bags of alpacca fleece to the center for their fiber programs and the director offered me some to try spinning.  The light colored fleece was filled with many ‘short cuts’, but I was able to sort through it and separate out about 6 ounces that I think will spin up acceptably.  The darker brown is already carded and ready to spin; there is about a pound of that ready to be spun.  I’ll see what I can make of it, and donate some of it back to the art center for the weaving class to use.

I’ve tried another Elizabeth Zimmermann baby sweater pattern (a two part sweater from her new garter stitch book).  I picked out some inexpensive acrylic at a local store, thinking that it would be nice to make something machine washable.  The jacket turned out okay, but I sure do prefer working in wool; wool is more elastic and softer.  But the jacket looks fine and I was impressed with the nice garment that resulted.

Finished Baby Jacket


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