Light Alpaca Fleece and the Spring Concert

It took a while to prepare the tan and white alpaca fleece for spinning.  It was very dirty (lots of bits of hay and seeds in addition to general grime), and it took a round of picking as well as careful carding to end up with rolags that were good enough for spinning.  The hardest part was the many short cuts that even the carding didn’t get rid of.  I had to keep pulling them out as I spun (in addition to still picking out debris).  But by the time I had singles spun, it was looking as if the resulting two ply yard would be okay.  I ended up with a 4 ounce skein for myself and a 2 ounce thank you skein for the Art Center.  Not bad for a bit of fleece I almost gave up on.  It will be fine as an accent color in a sweater or hat.  Success!

Alpaca yarn

Singles on the spool and the ball of finished yarn

Tuesday evening was the final concert of the year for the Cape Cod Conservatory String Ensemble.  We played (along with New Cape Music piano quartet) and the Cultural Center of Cape Cod.  This was the longest program we have played (seven pieces, 45 minutes) and I think it was one of our most successful.  This is in spite of not having enough violins and violas for the total group.  We have a great bass section of 4 cellos and 1 bass.

Program 2

Program for the evening

Program 1

The bass section:
bass section

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