Progress on the Grey Sweater

This sweater is knitting up relatively quickly; I’m using a basic Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern from “The Opinionated Knitter”.  I’ll knit the body up to the shoulders; right now I’m debating whether to sew and cut the armholes at the end or use a steek to make the armholes easier to define at the end.  I’ve never used either technique, but I’m tending toward using the steek.  I also will use a steek for the neck, as I want to have a conventional crew neck for the sweater.

For me, color pattern knitting seems easier and faster than single color knitting with cables and other patterns.  I feel as if I have a canvas that I can see and create on, and I’m not tied to a strict interpretation of the pattern stitches.  I’m using some of the patterns that Elizabeth suggests in her book (see link above);  I really like the look of the double heart pattern that’s in the sweater already.

Sweater Body

Grey Sweater progress 1 Grey Sweater progress 2

Grey Sweater skeins


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