It was scary!  Sewing two lines of machine stitching down the center of those armhole and neck steeks on the grey sweater and then, CUTTING down the middle of those two lines of stitches.  I was so sure something was going to go wrong and I would ruin the sweater.  But with relief it is done and now I can hem the steeks under and pick up stitches for the shoulder and neck.  I guess I’ll start knitting the sleeves, too, now that I have an opening to put them in!!!

With that done, I backtracked to many years ago and pulled out a partially finished Alice Starmore designed sweater (it was called the waterlily cardigan, I think).  I did the body of the sweater; it had a front steek and instructions to sew and cut the armholes as well.  My memory is that I got fed up with the tedious patterned knitting and then got to the steeks and just gave up.  Put it away.  So tonight I pulled it out; newly confident I sewed the front and armhole steeks and CUT them as well!  It worked!  All I have to do is finish the arms and I have a beautiful cardigan.  I have plenty of yarn still left.

Can you see me smiling tonight!  Isn’t it wonderful to learn to do something new, learn to do something successfully that you’ve been fearing for years you just wouldn’t do right?



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