Trying Some Abstracts

I’m very much a representational painter; I enjoy depicting and responding to the beauty I constantly see in nature and in music.  The Artists’ Guild had a call for a juried abstract show, which provided some impetus for trying some abstract work.  I knew I’d never manage to get a painting into the show, but I thought it would be fun to try something different.

I started with backgrounds of various colors and then chose two subjects to provide some inspiration.  Wild chervil has been blooming along the roadsides; I think it’s beautiful so I used it as inspiration of one of the abstracts.  Below is a photo of the actual plant and the painting that resulted.





For the second abstract I used music for inspiration, specifically a concert by a local chamber group that I had begun painting.  Below is the painting of the chamber group (about halfway through the painting process-not the photo of the finished painting) and the abstract that followed.

Music at Highfield

Music at Highfield

"Terra Canto"

“Terra Canto”

And, no, neither of the paintings was accepted into the juried show, but I really enjoyed the experience of trying something different.  I do wish that there was some feedback from jurors about why or why not works were accepted; it would be nice to know what things I could do to make these paintings better.  But maybe my friends out there in “bloggerland” will provide some of that feedback!  These are both small paintings (12×16); I did notice that many of the accepted works were quite large and unframed in many cases.  I wonder if jurors like large paintings…



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