Swatch Cap and Alpaca

I’m still working away on the grey patterned sweater, and I decided to knit a matching cap to break the tedium… to have the satisfaction of something completed.  I used the general swatch cap pattern from Meg Swansen’s “Knitting with Two Colors” except that I substituted two of the patterns from the grey sweater and added a little band of purl stitch and color near the crown of the cap.    Here’s a photo of the completed cap before washing and blocking.  It’s a nice match for the sweater; I have one sleeve finished and the second sleeve started; it won’t be long before I can sew the sweater together, finish the neck and post the photo here!

Swatch Pattern Cap

Swatch Pattern Cap

I also finished spinning the ~7 ounces of black alpaca; I spun the singles fairly fine and then made a two ply yarn.  The yarn is soft and there is enough to use it as a contrast yarn in a two or three color sweater.  I am glad to be finished with it though: the wool was dirty and filled with bits of grass and hay and required lots of attention in spinning to get rid of most of what was left in the wool after carding.  It turned out nicely, though.

Black Alpaca two ply yarn

Black Alpaca two ply yarn


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