Painting in the Elizabeth Islands

One of the first day's painting sites

One of the first day’s painting sites

I spent a wonderful two days last week at a painting workshop in the Elizabeth Islands with six other painters from the local Artists’ Guild. We took the ferry each morning, painted all day, got together for a critique with our coach, and rode the ferry back to home port.  The weather was spectacular (sunny, in the 70’s with a south wind) and the scenery was unbelievable. There was a potential painting every 10 feet!  Plus it was inspiring to be painting with some very talented local artists.


On the ferry to the islands

End of Day

End of the day critique on the dock


some of the paintings; two of mine are on the right

Paintings 2

More paintings

In addition to the wonderful island and marine scenery, there were historic buildings along miles of paths, beautiful horses, amazing trees and rock walls, a herd of sheep with guard llamas and a herd of yaks.  What a privilege to be part of this trip!


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