Knitting with llama

Thanks to a gift of llama fleece and, also, some small skeins of already spun yarn from a friend, I’m able for the first time to work with llama.  The fleece is my next project; as soon as the weather cools a bit, I will be carding the fleece and spinning it into yarn.  Llama, like alpacca, yields a heavier yarn than sheep wool , so I will be spinning the fleece fine and aiming for a two ply sport weight yarn.  Llama is very soft and beautiful.

With the small skeins of already spun yarn that was sent (a thick lightly spun two ply), I’ve knit an Andean style ear flap hat.  I used some patterns I found on line for inspiration, but ended up using a simpler pattern of my own design.  I will send this along to my friend as a birthday present.  It will make a great winter hat for going outside in the winter to feed the llamas (I hope)!

Andean Hat