Beginning work on the llama fleeces

It’s a little cooler and less humid; this is incentive to start work on the llama fleece while it is still in good condition.  I tried carding  the raw fleece, but it was wildly dirty and filled with dust. Clouds of dust arose from the carder as I tried to work the fleece.  I guess I knew this wasn’t going to be the easiest project.

This week I dragged the fleece out on the deck and set up buckets of soapy Dawn water and two buckets of rinse water.  Gosh, was this fleece filthy: the dirtiest I’ve ever worked with.  My friend who gave me the fleece says the llamas like to roll in the dust after bathing in their pool!!!  It took hours, but the fleece is clean and drying in the sun out on the deck.  It’s still a little smelly, but it’s a lot cleaner.  Clean enough to card and spin (and the finished wool will get a thorough wash when it’s done).

It’s pretty fiber, well worth the trouble.

Washed grey llama

Washed grey llama

Washed brown llama

Washed brown llama


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