Autumn Palette Knife Plus

I signed up for the fall session of the Art Center’s “Palette Knife Plus” class which meets for six weeks.  My goal is a painting a week, and so far I’m on track.  The teacher of the class has a real knack for teaching palette knife painting, but he is such a good critic and coach that he gets students using other mediums as well.  This session we have, most weeks, one very experienced pastel artist, several acrylic painters, and 2 or 3 other oil painters (like me).  I’m actually the only artist using the palette knife this session, but it’s a great group, mostly very experienced artists with a few beginners.  Critique and suggestions come from everyone in the course, so it’s a “win/win” painting session for all of us each week.

My focus is, as usual, landscape, but I’ve done more paintings so far with buildings than I usually do.  This is good perspective practice.  Below are the paintings for the first four weeks.  Next week I plan a painting of a local restaurant that is right on the water and the last week I may try, for a big change, a painting of the string ensemble group.  (I may switch to pastels for that painting, or I may try two paintings , one oil and one pastel.)  The string ensemble is well underway at this point, working towards a December 11th concert.  Music is varied,  from modern (a suite by Washburn) to classic (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart and parts from cantatas by Handel and Saint-Saëns ).  The fall cello choir has also started work, aiming towards a spring concert.  The summer is definitely over!!!

Now that the weather has turned rather fall-like, it’s nice that the local knitting group has started its biweekly meetings.  I have to decide what to start working on.  There are two sweater patterns I like in Interweave Press’s fall knitting magazine. And I signed up for a Harvard online “edX” course in Culinary Arts.  There are lectures, some by famous chefs and many by Harvard professors on the chemistry and physics involved in cooking, and labs (the first labs were calibrating the oven using the melting point of sucrose and measuring ingredients using mass and volume).  I’m looking forward to the upcoming week on chocolate!  More on this course as it progresses….

Paintings from the Palette Knife Plus Class:

On a Virginia Porch

On a Virginia Porch oil on board 12×16

Naushon Boathouse oil on board 16x20

Naushon Boathouse oil on board 16×20

Nobska Beachhouses oil on board 16x20

Nobska Beachhouses oil on board 16×20

Sippewissett Sunset oil on board 16x20

Sippewissett Sunset oil on board 16×20