The Joys of December and the Holidays – Crafts and Music

I think there is something about the holiday season that brings out the best in us: wanting to do and share with others, stimulus to creativity, and a love of crafts and music.  The start of the season was putting artwork and crafts into the Artists’ Guild’s Holiday Market: this year I put in four paintings, several matted photographs and some woven Inkle Band belts.  The market this year is filled with the work of talented artists and crafters and is a mirror into the creativity of this community.  Such a joy to walk around the Art Center and admire all the work that is there.

While I was working at the Market a week ago, several people were admiring some lovely glass marbled ornaments that were for sale.  One of the ladies said: “Oh, I know how to make those, and proceeded to describe how one could make similar ornaments using plain glass balls and colored wax.”  I was intrigued, and I went home thinking, I want to try this.  I bought the materials (at almost no cost) and this week I experimented and made some ornaments that look pretty good!  I always make ornaments for old friends at an annual holiday get-together, so here are my 2013 ornaments.  I am so happy with how they turned out!

Xmas balls 2013

2013 Christmas Ornaments

The string ensemble had their Fall Concert a little over a week ago.  It always is a joy to play with this group of musicians who play so much for the love of the music.  Three of us played a couple of trios to start the program, and then the whole ensemble took over for the remainder of the concert.  We had only a small crowd there (almost no publicity), but the joy was in the music making.

Program p1 Program p2





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