A Little bit of Merry Christmas Knitting

Hats usually are a successful holiday gift project, but this year I found a neat pattern on line that is for a hat that converts to a face mask, just the thing for the cold winter weather we have had so far this year.  The first time I made the hat directly from the pattern, but found the bottom was way too long (just bunched up below the neck and what a waste of yarn when you are using handspun).  So on my second try, in an acrylic yarn as I didn’t want to use up all the handspun yarn trying out a revision, I eliminated the 4 inches of bottom knitting and started with the four inches of K2P2 ribbing.  This made a much more successful hat (just about the right length and it folded more easily into a cap when you don’t want the face mask down).  Then I switched to special handspun yarn (spun from alpaca fleece that I was given earlier this year; it spun into a variated light brown to cream yarn, very soft and pretty) and did the final version.  I also narrowed the nose band by two stitches at the center in the final cap which is better for the eye holes.  DONE!  I like the cap, very warm and nice looking, AND when it’s very cold, just pull it down and it turns into a face mask!

Here’s the link to the original pattern if you want to try it: Jackyll and Hide Cap.

And here are some photos of the finished caps.


The light brown alpaca hat is in the foreground.


Alpaca hat converted to a face mask.


Here’s the variegated acrylic version showing the face mask.

Lastly, I found another pattern called the “Curling Cowl”; very easy straight knitting in the round (200 stitches knit in the round on a size 7 needle for 6 to 8 inches.  Here it is knit in kid mohair; it makes a beautiful neck scarf!

The Curling Cowl

The Curling Cowl



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