Loving the spring “palette knife +” painting group

It’s amazing what a wonderful stimulus group painting is to one’s artwork.  The “+” in our group’s title is an indication that we work in various media, not just palette knife.  Several artists work in pastel, several with brushes, and some of us use the palette knife, but often in acrylic as well as oil.  I stick to my favorite medium, oil, because I love the colors and the ability to work into a painting for several days, but I get many, many ideas from the work of my compatriots.  What I like best about palette knife is that it forces me to work in light and shadow and blocks of color.  With palette knife one cannot get bogged down in trying to render things in photographic detail; if one wants photographic detail that’s easy to achieve with a photograph.  But a painting, I think, should be so much more than a photograph, an enhanced impression of that place or scene that provides an even better understanding of it. That’s my goal, anyway!!

My goal this spring has been a painting a week and here are my paintings from the first three weeks:

Sunset at South Cape Beach

“Sunset at South Cape Beach” 12×16 oil on board

West Falmouth Boathouse palette knife

“Boathouse in Winter” 16×20 oil on board

House in the Dunes

“House in the Dunes” 12×16 oil on board


Speaking of photography, it is very possible to be creative with photography, too; the ability to vary light and color, focus and other parameters make it possible to enhance the image so that it, like a painting, brings much greater understanding to a place or person.  It’s different from painting, but very much an artistic endeavor.  I explored this when I created an image for the spring juried abstract show.  Below is an altered image created from a photograph of a much loved spot here on Cape Cod.




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