Review of “En Plein Air” Class and Cottage opening

The six week “En Plein Air” painting class took us all to some spectacular places for painting.  We started the first week painting at Woodneck Marsh, where both beach and marsh views  abound.  We painted at Falmouth inner harbor, Little Island, Penzance Point in Woods Hole and Naushon Island (one of the Elizabeth Islands).  We only had rain one week (we painted inside from photos).  All of the paintings were successful; I’m working on seeing color shapes in the landscape and painting those first rather than painting detail too soon.  This is helping me work on stronger design frameworks for my paintings.  I’m pleased with the paintings produced in these sessions.

Woodneck Marsh

Sun on the Marsh

Party Boats

Clamman’s Corner

Before the Storm-Little Island

Clouds over Little Island

Clouds over Penzance

Woods Hole Passage from Penzance

Naushon Inlet

Naushon Inlet

The Averill Cottage is open for the summer, as of last weekend.  We  had beautiful weather for sliding in the dock sections and putting in the water lines.  Water temperature was in the high 60’s and with the sunshine and light breeze, all that hard work was actually enjoyable.  We took our first canoe rides of the season and a wild flower walk that netted us photos of blooming white lady slipper orchids and big stands of water hemlock in the ditches.  A beautiful start to the summer season!

Lake View

Canoe White Lady Slipper


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