Summer at the Averill Cottage

For the first time in several years we spent quite a bit of time at the cottage on Averill Lake.  This definitely was one of the coldest summers we’ve experienced in northern VT.   Early August was cold and so was mid September.  There was never a really hot stretch of weather, although the lake water was in the high 60’s and reached 70 for a while.  The swimming was good when the sun was out and the winds were gentle!

We had photographer/artist friends visit in early August; in spite of the cold and rainy weather we got some good photographs of woods, mushrooms and waterfalls. And one friend and I did some indoor painting, making copies of Van Gogh paintings and then paintings from photographs (too cold and rainy to try painting en plein air!).  We went searching all over for Moose, even driving to “Moose Alley” and the Canadian border in NH; no moose.  The only moose we saw bounded across the road only a few yards before we got back to the cottage!

Averill Moose

Blurry, but you can tell it’s a moose!

xColor Purple - Mushroom

Beautiful purple bolete along the shore of Averill Lake

xWaterfall - Beaver Brook 2

Beaver Brook Falls, Colebrook, NH

Over Labor Day weekend the nice weather drew us out for several hikes.  For the first time in many years we hiked to the top of Averill Mountain, where there is a lovely view of the whole lake, including our cottage.  We also hiked Brousseau Mountain, a really good rocky climb, which rewarded us with beautiful views of Little Averill Lake from the cliffs which we are told are the home of peregrine falcons.  We also hiked into Hurlburt Swamp in West Stewardston, NH, a Nature Conservancy property home to a northern white cedar swamp with rare orchids.

Loon Sunset

Loon on Averill Lake at Sunset

Averill L from Averill Mtn

Averill Lake from the peak of Averill Mountain

Hurlbert Swamp

Northern White Cedars in Hurlbert Swamp

L Averill from Brousseau

Little Averill Lake from the peak of Brousseau Mountain and the cliffs overlooking the lake

Cottage closing weekend was chill and dank and rainy.  We did manage a hike into Black Turn Brook State Forest on the Canadian border in Norton.  We saw a Spiranthes orchid and beautiful Sphagnum moss understory in the woods.  The cottage is closed now for the winter, although it is possible to visit for a short while if we find a weekend with special weather and some free time.  Averill continues to be a very special place!

Black Brook State Forest

Hiking into Black Turn Brook Forest in Norton, VT



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