Wild Painting Weather

Several friends and I planned a plein air painting trip today to the shore houses along Surf Drive (on Cape Cod Bay).  This is a very scenic spot to paint and we chose to visit an area with both shore houses and marsh views.  What we didn’t count on were the huge remnants of the coastal storm that just passed us by.  The wrap around winds from the south and the high tides due to the full moon made for a bit of a wild painting session.  The breeze from the south was so stiff that we parked our cars on the south side of the parking area and set up the easels in the lea of the cars.  That helped a bit, but the wind intensity kept picking up as the afternoon progressed.

It was really funny to have the brushes and palette knifes almost torn out of our hands as we tried to paint.  I have a french easel that holds on to the painting board pretty securely, but we painters were really getting blown around!  We had blue sky, nice clouds, and the bright sun shining on the west side of the shoreside cabins, creating nice warm light and rich shadows.  I ended up with a painting that I’m pretty happy with, in spite of the crazy weather.  I’m glad I decided to go.

I’m hoping for quieter weather when we visit Monk’s Cove on Buzzards Bay next week.

Surf Drive Stilt Houses

Surf Drive Stilt Houses


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