Winter is fully here!

While northern Vermont has had its blanket of snow for many weeks, winter announced itself on Cape Cod this week with a full blown blizzard, the fiercest winter storm we’ve had since the big snowstorm of 2005.  We never lost electricity (many people did, including the whole island of Nantucket), but we were kept inside for two days as the wind blew at hurricane force and the snow continued to rain down.  It was useless to try to shovel during the storm as the wind would just blow the light snow back.  I did manage to spin a whole grey fleece that had been sitting beside the spinning wheel and to cook us some tasty winter meals, including a stuffed pork tenderloin.  Because we had electricity we could follow what was happening with the storm; usually we lose electricity in a storm of this intensity.

Yesterday and today we have been digging ourselves out with energy, as we are supposed to get a small storm tomorrow and then a larger one on Sunday evening into Monday.  Our John Deere snowblower was the star of the week, not only plowing our driveway, but those of our neighbors as well.  The snow was dry and easy to shovel, which was lucky because we were dealing with 4 and 5 foot drifts.  Schools are still closed and side roads are snow-covered.  Everything was canceled this week. This was a huge storm.


Snow in the driveway


Looking out the slider to the back deck