Perfect weather for knitting

The cold and icy weather continue, but it does encourage working with handspun and knitted projects!  I finished (except for weaving the underarms…. I haven’t done that in a while so I need to look up the best method to do that) my husband’s sweater.  I’m pleased with the colors and the designs.  All the wool is my own handspun, so it is an extra special sweater.   I’m on to spinning some grey fleece (mix of merino and silk) which should make a really nice sweater.

Walter's Sweater

Buzzards Bay is completely frozen over for the first time in a number of years.  It’s like an arctic landscape down at the beach.  Beautiful, but cold (we’ve been down to zero with below zero wind chills).

Waves of Ice

Waves of Ice



Winter Beachwalk

Cold Walk on the Beach



Another blizzard sparks some inside activities

The wind is howling outside and we have 12 to 14 inches of snow that is piling up in drifts outside.  I know we will have to get outside when the snow starts to taper off, but for now I’m contemplating all the inside activities that this cold, snowy, winter has stimulated.  I finished spinning a grey fleece and am in the process of turning that into a sweater for my husband.  I’m on to a lovely mixed grey fleece that is a combination of merino and silk; it should make a beautiful sweater.  And I’m practicing my cello much more diligently. I have several parts of Bach’s Third Suite memorized, as well as most of the pieces in Suzuki book 7.  They are almost sounding like music.

If the winter keeps on like this, I may catch up on my backlog of beautiful fleece that has been sitting in my chest, just waiting!!  Yes!  Let’s be positive about this very wintery winter.

Grey Sweater in progress

Grey Sweater in progress