It’s a gradual process….

I’m continuing to catch up with my stash of unspun fiber.  I have a pound of blue-green merino top that I am working on right now.  I am almost done spinning the singles; the plying into yarn should go quickly after that.  I continue to love my Schacht spinning wheel which spins beautifully after many, many years of use.

Blue-green merino

I separate pieces of the roving into thinner strands for easier spinning.


Blue-green merino on wheel

Here are the singles being spun on the wheel.


I have a pound of Rose Quartz merino still to do (I have one pound already spun into yarn) as well as a pound of rose-pink merino. That will catch me up with my stash of purchased merino top.  I still have white wool to spin (several pounds of that) as well as some other speciality fiber.  But I’m at the point where I am starting to think about using these wools in projects.  I have an idea for a sweater for my mycologist husband that will have mushroom themed patterns. I have some photos that I’m going to translate into patterns and try them out in a hat first!


One pound of rose quartz still to spin into knitting wool.



One pound of rose pink merino, still to be spun.


Last topic for today is that after years and years of sewing with my trusty Viking sewing machine (a Husquvarna Viking 6440), I took it out to do some altering and it won’t sew.  The top thread breaks and the bobbin thread then just jams.  I tried all the adjustments I could think of (tensions, changing needles, bobbins, thread) and nothing worked.  Since the machine also needs a good lubrication after all these years, I took it to a local repair shop.  Well, they gave up on it and told me to find a dealer with a factory repair person.  I’m in the middle of trying to find someone who can repair the machine.  This machine has served me well for many years and I don’t want one of these new machines with all the electronic bells and whistles: I want a machine that does basic sewing very, very well, and the 6440 has done that for me for years. Wish me luck in getting this much loved machine back into operation.

Viking 6440



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