The backlog of fleece is mostly spun!

It’s taken a few months, but I’ve finally caught up with the backlog of fleece in my cedar chest.  Everything is organized in plastic bags, and there is plenty for some good winter sweaters.  Yesterday I finished spinning the white fleece, and that I just have to finish plying.

White Fleece

Handspun wool

I haven’t posted here yet about my dabbling in “Origami Bonasi”; last fall I took a wonderful book out of the library, “Origami Ikebana”, and discovered techniques for creating oriental flower displays out of recycled paper and newspaper.  The techniques work well, and the results have been very satisfying.  I did several for holiday presents last year and this spring did some for birthday presents.  I’ve mostly done free standing little sculptures, but am thinking of trying some wall mounted ones next.  Right now I’m working on a small flower sculpture to sit on the vanity in our new bathroom.

Origami flowers

Flowers and leaves in progress

Yellow Bonsai

Completed sculpture; this was entered in the winter show at the Artists Guild

Origami ikebana


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