Blood Moon over Nobska

The night of the full blood moon we ventured out to try some night photography.  We spent the evening along the beach below Nobska Lighthouse, a scenic spot on Cape Cod.  For me, this was my first attempt at real night photography.  The results aren’t professional, to be sure, but they are a record of an interesting photo shoot.  We saw the complete eclipse of the moon, quite a spectacular sight!!!  All of these are long exposure shots; the eclipse shot was taken at a high ISO.  The light painting shot was lit by a flashlight.  I think it has a really spooky feel!


Blood Moon rising

Moonrise over Nobska

Moon over the Nobska Lighthouse

Eclipse of Moon

            Full Eclipse of the Blood Moon

14-Night at Nobska

A Little Light Painting at the bath houses


10-Photographing the Moon-Waldo

Photographing the Moon – Can you find the photographer?


Night Ferry

Long exposure shot of the Vineyard ferry returning to Woods Hole