Animals in the Yard

Last Christmas we got a wildlife camera, an inexpensive Bushnell camera, to put in the yard to take photos of any wildlife that wandered through the yard.  Well, after several months of placing it in different locations and getting nothing, or next to nothing on the camera last month we put it in the side yard where we had noticed Hosta plants being eating.  Bingo, over several weeks in October we found we had a lot of ‘hits’ and are getting a much better idea of what wildlife is around.  Lots of the photos were taken at night, so the resolution of the images with the led lights on the camera and the slow speed don’t make for an image worth printing, but you certainly can identify the animals.  The camera records time, date, phase of the moon and temperature and after it takes three still shots it records a video.  Sometimes the animals are gone before the video recording starts, but in other cases, like the deer, we were able to see that there were three deer together wandering along, munching on the Hosta plants, before scooting off into our neighbor’s yard through the bushes.

Here’s the data entered into a spreadsheet for several October weeks.  The deer and red fox were expected.  However we haven’t seen raccoons in the yard for a number of years and we had never seen a fisher before.  Now that we have a good spot for the camera, we’ll keep recording regular data sightings.  Below also are several of the photos, both from the wildlife camera and regular daytime shots using a regular camera.

7-Oct-2015 11:54:08 PM 53 F Deer 1
8-Oct-2015 3:52:02 AM 53 F Deer 1
8-Oct-2015 3:52:35 AM 53 F Deer 1
8-Oct-2015 6:42:55 PM 51 F Deer 1
9-Oct-2015 11:52:02 AM 68 F Deer 1
10-Oct-2015 5:07:01 AM 48 F Raccoon 1
10-Oct-2015 9:22:53 AM 50 F Red Fox 1
10-Oct-2015 9:23:19 AM 50 F Red Fox 1
11-Oct-2015 2:19:03 AM 44 F Raccoon 1
12-Oct-2015 5:39:43 AM 50 F Deer 1
15-Oct-2015 6:45:36 PM 50 F Deer 2
18-Oct-2015 4:04:28 AM 37 F Red Fox 1
19-Oct-2015 8:25:00 AM 32 F Red Fox 1
19-Oct-2015 9:01:29 PM 41 F Deer 1
20-Oct-2015 11:11:00 PM 53 F Red Fox 1
21-Oct-2015 12:14:10 AM 51 F Fisher Cat 1
21-Oct-2015 3:22:29 AM 51 F Red Fox 1
23-Oct-2015 1:12:55 AM 55 F Deer 1
23-Oct-2015 10:54:37 AM 51 F Grey Squirrel 1
24-Oct-2015 11:26:40 AM 46 F Grey Squirrel 1
25-Oct-2015 10:43:34 PM 50 F Deer 1
25-Oct-2015 11:41:30 PM 50 F Deer 1
25-Oct-2015 7:42:10 AM 50 F Deer 1
26-Oct-2015 7:58:34 AM 42 F Red Fox 1

20151020-Red Fox 10-20  23-11-00 12.48.30 PM

20151021-Fisher Cat 12.48.33 PM


Photo taken out the front window



Red Fox

Here’s the Red Fox walking in the yard.