The New Year is almost Upon Us

I’ve posted no new reports from the wildlife camera, because the sitings have been few and far between.  We’ve captured a few deer continuing to travel through the yard, but not much else.  Perhaps the warm weather we’ve had this fall and plentiful rain means there’s lots of food everywhere for the animals.

The warmth and rain have raised the water levels in the marshes and stimulated growth in the yard.  We have beautiful lush growth of mosses in both the front and back yards (they are beautiful and I think we are on our way to moss gardens in the yard), and the high water in the marshes means that birds are swimming in some of our neighbor’s back yards.

Moss back yard

The bright green is a bed of beautiful fernlike moss

Miriam Yard

Mallards in the back yard!

We’ve tossed out most of our aging orchid plants, and in the bay window we have started an herb garden.  When the weather gets warm in the spring, most of the plants can go outside, but the cuttings will be available for winter cooking.

Herb Garden

Many good holiday parties this years; one of the best was a holiday party with the local camera club; it featured a “Yankee Swap” of mostly camera related gifts and was a great way for members of the club to get to know each other a bit better.  What a spread of food everyone contributed, too!

UCCC Holiday Bash-DSCF2288

Before the “Yankee Swap”

Now I’m on to winter projects.  After all the spinning I did this summer, I have a huge stash of yarn to use in knitting projects.  I’ve started an Aran sweater for my husband; I’m using the same pattern I used in natural wool for a sweater last year, but I’m using a beautiful Ashland Bay merino blend that is knitting up in a lovely purplish brown.  I’ll use a grayish brown for some accent rows in the pattern.  I’ll post some photos as the project goes forward.  I also want to knit an Aran sweater for myself; I have lots of natural yarn waiting and I have my eye on some of the patterns in the latest Knits magazine.  The winter issue has some of the nicest patterns I’ve seen in a while!


We’re looking forward to a holiday party with old friends from graduate school days. We’re working hard on handmade presents to take along, as well as some special food.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!  May 2016 be a wonderful year.


Getting Ready for Christmas

Boxes to family so far away have been mailed (and received!), both of the Christmas trees are up, and tonight we are going to the New Bedford Symphony’s Christmas concert.  The holiday is upon us!  We did a bare branch tree this year in addition to the regular tree; we were inspired by a tree in the German room at the Highfield Hall Christmas display this year.  It’s great for displaying handmade ornaments.  German Xmas TreeEvery year I make a handmade ornament to give to close friends that we see only once a year.  This year I was inspired by the beautiful red Boletus bicolor to make a mushroom ornament. It looks ever so Christmasy on the tree.

Boletus ornament