Winter is knitting and painting time!

My summer plein air painting group is so enthusiastic that they have organized to get together on Monday’s at the art center to continue to paint.  (The art center has a Monday  afternoon  open painting time for members.)  I really enjoy painting with others and profit from the good feedback from others as I paint!  Here’s a previous week’s painting (which I’m going to put into the next art center show).  I plan to be there painting this afternoon.

Fall at Sandy Neck Oil

Autumn at Sandy Neck, 12×16 oil on canvas board

Two years ago I knitted a white handspun nordic sweater for my husband.  He liked it so much and has worn it so much, that he asked for another one!

White Nordic Sweater

White Nordic Sweater, natural white handspun

The patterns are involved and tricky to do, but I said yes!  I’ve been working on the new sweater since before Christmas and am working on the second sleeve now, with the front and back finished.  I decided to use the purple/brown handspun that I’ve pictured here previously as I was spinning it; I had two pounds and I thought that would be plenty until I started knitting.  It became clear that two pounds just wouldn’t be enough and I had no way of getting more of the exact multicolored fleece that I had spun.  We decided that interspersing a coordinated gray handspun in the top half of the sweater might work, so that is what I’ve done.  The photo makes the purple more intense than it is in person.  I’ll have to post the finished sweater here in a few weeks.  Below is a photo of the fronts, backs, and sleeves.  The front and back have to be bound together at the top and the neck band then will be knitted. Then I’ll sew in the sleeves and finally do the sleeve and side seams.  Here’s the work in progress:

Walters Nordic Sweater ipad photo


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