An Aran Lace Sweater

Interweave Knits this fall published an issue filled with nice patterns.  I’m trying one using some of my natural colored hand spun wool: an Aran Lace pattern.  The panels have the look of aran patterns, but they are typical lace patterns. The sides are knit in moss stitch.  Something new for me and so far so good.

Aran lace front

View of the front panel

Aran lace back

View of the back panel

The reason I wanted to try this pattern is that the sweater is knit in the round up to the underarms; then the front and back are knit back and forth to the shoulders, which are then knit together and the neck band is knit in the round. At this point,  stitches are picked up around the arm holes and the arms are knitted from the top down (with some short rows to shape the shoulder cap).  Most Aran patterns are knit in pieces and then sewn together.  Lots of sewing and lots of ends to darn in.  I’ve never tried this particular method of sweater knitting, and if it works, it will apply to doing a traditional Aran as well.   A couple of the other patterns in the fall issue show sweaters knit from the top down.  That’s also something I want to try.  I love circular knitting and have done a lot of Elizabeth Zimmermann patterns, both plain and with color patterns. So for many reasons, I really loved this particular issue of Interweave Knits magazine.


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