Another Sweater Project

I’m continuing to use the wools I finished spinning last fall.  This project is knitted with a grey merino/silk mix.  I had about 1.5 pounds of top; This was just enough for the sweater with perhaps a little left over for a matching cap.

I’ve been wanting to try Elizabeth Zimmermann’s raglan sweater pattern; it seemed as if I could use this pattern as a base for a plain sweater with Aran patterns up a panel on the front and on the sleeves. This has worked well; the patterns go all the way up the sweater to the neck band.  So, I was successful in designing an Aran style sweater using this raglan as a basic pattern. It’s all done except for weaving the underarm stitches with kitchener stitch.  This is going to be a nice dressy type sweater. The silk gives the sweater a shiny gloss.

For my next project, I have some green yarns (mix and match, none of them are enough for a whole sweater); my plan is to start at the bottom with wide (5″ or so) stripes, gradually decreasing the size of the stripes as I go up the sweater.  I’m thinking of again using the raglan pattern as a base pattern; no stitch patterns, just the stripes as the design focus.  I’m thinking, too, of darker greens at the bottom of the sweater and lighter greens at the top.

Grey Sweater at yoke

Arms and body joined for knitting the raglan yoke


Grey Sweater ready for neck band

Sweater ready for knitting the neck band.


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