Using up Odds and Ends

My idea for a striped sweater is taking shape.  And the biggest plus is that I’m using up small amounts of left over handspun yarn that is just too nice to throw away (but not enough for a big project).  Of course, small amounts get used up when I knit hats, but this project is a way to feature some lovely leftovers!

Several of the yarns in the sweater are lichen dyed, so I wanted to do something special with them.  I’m almost  to the join point for the yoke on this circular sweater.  I will knit the arms in the light green (lichen dyed) background color with just a couple of colored bands at the wrist.  Then for the yoke I will continue the various colored bands.  It’s fun seeing how these colors play off of each other in the sweater.

Striped Sweater

                                                             Body of the circular sweater


Behind the Barn at Bourne Farm

Bourne Farm painting completed this week. I feature it here because of all the lichens covering the rocks. Most of these are good dye lichens.


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