Counting the Birds

I love the annual Cornell University and Audubon “Backyard Birdwatch” project.  People all over the world count and identify the birds in their backyards and post the data on the ebird website. (  We’ve been doing the birdcount since the early 2000’s and it’s fascinating to see the results vary from year to year; it’s also nice to be able to go on the website and see the data from all over the US and now from other countries as well.  It’s a wonderful way to contribute to our knowledge about bird populations and how they might be changing.  If you have the time, it’s fun to participate! Below are some of the birds we’ve had visit our yard yesterday and today (the count goes on for two more days, ending on Monday the 20th).


Female Red Bellied Woodpecker


Female Cardinal


Song Sparrow


Male Cardinal


Male Red Bellied Woodpecker

I’ve been doing garden paintings (what a great thing to do in the cold of winter!) for the next Art Center Show in March; the theme is  “Garden’s Galore”.  I did a large painting of the formal boxwood and rose garden at the local Historical Society and a smaller painting of a woodland garden in morning light.  I just finished varnishing them yesterday, so they are ready for framing.  I love the new varnish from Gamblin; clear as a bell and odorless. It goes on easily and dries very quickly.  Great company for anyone who paints in oils.


Historical Society Garden 16×20 oil on canvas


Woodland Garden oil on canvas 12×16


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