About Averill Mountain Crafts

Carol, a retired biologist and botanist (a teacher of Biology, Botany and Field Biology for many years), has had arts and music in her life since her childhood.  She paints in oil using palette knives and pastel, but occasionally also in colored pencil and watercolor. She likes painting landscapes, local scenes and botanical subjects. She enjoys working with wool (spinning and knitting in particular), making cards from her paintings and using collected beach glass and polished beach stones and other shore materials in her art.

Three Perspectives

Pastel of Woodneck Marsh

Carol started playing the piano when she was four; as an adult she learned to play the pipe organ, and when she retired she rented a cello and started taking lessons, wanting to learn an instrument that she could play with others.   She loves playing all three instruments, particularly she likes playing in small groups with other stringed instruments.



2 thoughts on “About Averill Mountain Crafts

  1. Hello Carol,

    Just saw that you are in MA. Is this a group for others to join ?
    I am a recent transplant to the Cape and am looking for a group for fellowship and knitting.
    Thanks, Linda

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