Painting the Night

Painting low light scenes requires a very different palette of colors.  I find I’m using a wide variety of yellows with some red and orange and burnt sienna mixed in – also a lot of mixed blacks.  I’m having fun focusing on the way light really stands out in these paintings.  I’ve also been trying some low light and night photography and finding that it’s a challenge to depict night scenes with good information in the shadows.  A great learning experience!


Glow in the Snow ~ Oil on Canvas 16×20


Main Street New Years Eve ~ Oil on canvas 12×16


Main Street New Years Eve II Oil on Board 12×16


Main Street New Years Eve III ~ Oil on Board 12×16



Red Sky at Night ~ photograph


Sunset on the Bay ~ Photograph


Watching the Waves Roll In ~ Photograph




Blood Moon over Nobska

The night of the full blood moon we ventured out to try some night photography.  We spent the evening along the beach below Nobska Lighthouse, a scenic spot on Cape Cod.  For me, this was my first attempt at real night photography.  The results aren’t professional, to be sure, but they are a record of an interesting photo shoot.  We saw the complete eclipse of the moon, quite a spectacular sight!!!  All of these are long exposure shots; the eclipse shot was taken at a high ISO.  The light painting shot was lit by a flashlight.  I think it has a really spooky feel!


Blood Moon rising

Moonrise over Nobska

Moon over the Nobska Lighthouse

Eclipse of Moon

            Full Eclipse of the Blood Moon

14-Night at Nobska

A Little Light Painting at the bath houses


10-Photographing the Moon-Waldo

Photographing the Moon – Can you find the photographer?


Night Ferry

Long exposure shot of the Vineyard ferry returning to Woods Hole