Music and Art

I love to combine my love of painting with my love of music.  I got the chance over the past few weeks when a friend and teacher of cello shared a photo of her and one of her students.  I was so taken by the light in the photo, that I asked permission to do a painting.  This is not my normal subject matter (I usually paint landscapes and nature subjects), but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try this very special subject. The painting is almost done, and I’m really happy with the results.  The first photo is the beginning mock up with shapes and colors (done after several drawings).  The second photo is of the almost finished painting.  I’m still looking at it in the studio and making minor tweaks…..



                                   “Nikki and Clara” Oil on Board 12×16


Painting the Night

Painting low light scenes requires a very different palette of colors.  I find I’m using a wide variety of yellows with some red and orange and burnt sienna mixed in – also a lot of mixed blacks.  I’m having fun focusing on the way light really stands out in these paintings.  I’ve also been trying some low light and night photography and finding that it’s a challenge to depict night scenes with good information in the shadows.  A great learning experience!


Glow in the Snow ~ Oil on Canvas 16×20


Main Street New Years Eve ~ Oil on canvas 12×16


Main Street New Years Eve II Oil on Board 12×16


Main Street New Years Eve III ~ Oil on Board 12×16



Red Sky at Night ~ photograph


Sunset on the Bay ~ Photograph


Watching the Waves Roll In ~ Photograph



Signs of Spring

The warm rain has almost melted the snow; it’s almost warm enough to sit outside on the deck and read and spin!  I’m looking forward to that.

A coyote has been through the yard this week, making the rounds looking for rabbits and squirrels.  That’s good because our area has an abundance of rabbits, way too many.  Coyote

Another sign if spring is the return of the ospreys to our marsh.  They are busy nest building and fishing.  It’s really nice to see them back, because we have a sense that spring is really here!

osprey pair

Lastly, a bit more knitting: I finished the hat to match my husband’s sweater.  Looks good I think!

Matching Knit Hat

It may be spring, but the weather hasn’t heard about it!

Still a foot of snow on the ground and temperatures more typical of February than late March.  I guess the positive side is that I’m happily inside working on various projects.  I’m catching up on a lot of spinning.  I have a huge stash of wool and am finally making some inroads into it.  I have enough spun now to think about making a couple of sweaters.  It’s really satisfying to be using some of this wool that has been sitting around for far too long.

Spun grey silk-merino

Grey silk-merino mix (1.5 pounds)

Spun Sage Wool

Sage Green Merino (1 pound)

Maroon merino

Maroon merino (.5 pounds)


Maroon merino singles on wheel

Maroon merino singles on the wheel


I’ve also been doing quite a bit of painting, local scenes from here on Cape Cod as well as some scenes from northern VT.  I can’t wait for some sunny warm weather so I can get outside to paint, but until then the regular practice is very good for my painting technique.  I have two paintings ready to go into the “Contrasts” show at the Art Center tomorrow and two more ready for the following show which has the theme “Flora and Fauna”.

Into the Cedar Swamp

Into the Cedar Swamp Oil on Board 12×16


Murkwood Marsh

Murkwood Marsh Oil on Board 16×20


Sunset view of Woods Hole

Sunset view of Woods Hole Oil on Board 12×16


View of Eel Pond

View of Eel Pond Oil on Board 18×24


Woods Hole Street Painting

Captain Kidd Oil on Board 16×20


Cape Turkey painting

Cape Cod Turkey Oil on Board 12×16


Race Point underpainting

Underpainting for a painting of Race Point Light. I just started this one today.


And of course, I’m playing my cello almost every day.  Learning Popper etudes (I’m working on #16) stretches me, but I learn something new every day I work on them.  I have the Allemande and the Bourees from the 3rd suite memorized and am starting to feel more comfortable playing them from memory.  Bach is NOT easy to memorize, his music is so complex.  I’m starting to learn Faure’s Elegy; what a lovely beautiful piece of music.  It’s difficult, but well worth the effort.

Now, let’s see that snow melt and some greenery in the yard.  I’m ready for spring!!!

Perfect weather for knitting

The cold and icy weather continue, but it does encourage working with handspun and knitted projects!  I finished (except for weaving the underarms…. I haven’t done that in a while so I need to look up the best method to do that) my husband’s sweater.  I’m pleased with the colors and the designs.  All the wool is my own handspun, so it is an extra special sweater.   I’m on to spinning some grey fleece (mix of merino and silk) which should make a really nice sweater.

Walter's Sweater

Buzzards Bay is completely frozen over for the first time in a number of years.  It’s like an arctic landscape down at the beach.  Beautiful, but cold (we’ve been down to zero with below zero wind chills).

Waves of Ice

Waves of Ice



Winter Beachwalk

Cold Walk on the Beach