The most amazing thing about our spring concert was how the group pulled through to produce a concert in spite of the lack of time and practice that would have been desirable.  We had only nine weeks of group practice (missing one due to weather which was never made up) and only a few of those practices included the full group.  Our conductor missed two of the practices due to travel and work with the symphony; those practices were run by a substitute.  Three of the 5 violin players were brand new to the group and just learning ensemble playing.  So kudos to the group for pulling it all together and playing a decent concert!

Program 2 Ens spr 2014


Trio Con Brio playing Handel

Trio Con Brio playing Handel


The String Ensemble played it’s Fall 2013 Concert in December; another cellist and I joined a pianist to create a cello/piano trio for three pieces to begin the concert.  It went well and the Trio Con Brio is continuing to practice together weekly and is learning new pieces.

Program p2

The String Ensemble’s spring 2013 concert was at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod on May 7th.

String Ensemble

Program 1

Program 2


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