Holiday Crafts

I haven’t posted in a while; sorry, sorry, sorry!  I did a lot of plein air painting over the summer with the Falmouth Art Center group, Monday Painters.  Then this fall I started working on some crafts for the Holiday Market at the art center (a major fund raiser for the center), and now I’m working on some tree ornaments to give to friends we visit over the holidays.

For the Holiday Market I made some origami wall hangings and some small origami flowers in vases.  A good many of those have sold.  I also read about making photo tiles, cementing photos to 4×4 tiles and coating with a waterproof coating and gluing cork to the bottom to make coasters.  I put 32 in the market and all but 8 have sold to this point. Our matted photo prints haven’t sold as well as most years but I did sell an oil painting of Ice House Pond in the fall; I loved the painting and was so delighted that someone else liked it too!!!

Here are the origami branches and vases that I made for the Market as well as the photo coasters:

origami-at-the-arts-market   photo-coasters

A friend gave me some branches of the “Walking Stick Plant”, a shrub that is a relative of hazelnut and which has coiled and gnarled branches.  I decorated two of them for the tables and made an origami bonsai wall hanging with the third.  The plant is just amazing; I want one for my yard!

walking-stick-tree-large walking-stick-tree walking-stick-origami

Here are some of the paper ornaments I’ve been making for friends.  I found the template on line, but I’ve used Word to make different patterns on the template before printing them out and assembling them.


Lastly here are two photos, one is of two origami wall hangings that were in the Fall Show at the Art Center.  The second is a photo of the oil painting of “Ice House Pond” that sold at the market this year.  Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you have been having as much fun with crafts as I have been!

origami-in-art-show ice-house-pond-painting