Continuing with the music theme

I’ve done a lot of work on pastel sketches and oil paintings of the string ensemble.  These are the last of the paintings I worked on during the Fall Palette Knife + class.  Lots of fun to try to portray the string ensemble in action!

Treble Pastel

Treble Oil

Basses Pastel

Basses Oil



More from the Palette Knife Plus class

Gosh, I was sorry to have the six week class end.  Schedule conflicts prevent me from continuing with the Nov/Dec session, but hopefully the class will be offered again in the new year.  It’s wonderful to paint once a week with talented painter friends who are always encouraging and who aren’t afraid to offer suggestions.  And of course the teacher of the course is a master coach as well.  I did a lot of painting these past six weeks.  I continued to paint local interesting buildings; below are photos of paintings of the Landfall Restaurant in Woods Hole and the “big house” at the Waquoit Estuarine Reserve.  Painting buildings is wonderful perspective practice and a chance to really see shapes and colors in light and shade.

I’ve also started on some music related paintings;  I did two pastel sketches from last spring’s ensemble concert and am now working on palette knife oils of the same scenes.  This is a real challenge: getting the shapes of the musical instruments correct isn’t easy, nor is it easy to portray the likenesses of people I know.  These paintings are taking a lot longer than the the buildings!!!  Maybe because I love the subject matter, I’m putting a lot more effort into the painting!


The Landfall Restaurant – oil on board 16×20

Waquoit Bay "big house" - oil on board 16x20

Waquoit Bay “big house” – oil on board 16×20

Underpainting "The Bass Section" oil on board 12x15

Underpainting “The Bass Section” oil on board 12×15