Not only Christmas Crafts, but Christmas Music

The West Barnstable Cello Choir is practicing holiday favorites to take local places this season.  We have lots of fun playing this beautiful music!


Christmas Crafts

Finally finished all my wares for the local Holiday Arts Market.  I have three small framed oils and a framed photograph that will go on the walls, but most of my efforts have gone into my beach craft jewelry. My fingertips are sore and I’m ready to crash on the sofa, but everything is packed up and ready to go over to the Art Center tomorrow.  Here’s the information poster:

And here are the beach stone and sea glass and other jewelry all set to go:

Cottage Closing Time

Our last trip to the lake for the year was completed last weekend.  The cottage is all buttoned up for the winter.  The weather was in the 50’s and sunny, much nicer than October visits this year.  One sign that the year is ending is the location of the sunset.  In the summer it sets near Averill Mountain in the north; now it is setting behind Brousseau Mountain to the West.  We wish for quiet weather this winter, after all the storms this fall.