Sweater finished!

Finished the white sweater.  Now it is on to more spinning!

Taking a Break

I finally filled a bobbin with the merino/tencel honey-colored top; I breathed a sigh of relief and realized I needed to spin a bobbin of something different, just for variety and to keep my sanity.  Focusing on spinning top that is that fine and slippery required lots of concentration.

So, this week I switched to some 100% merino top; it’s a multicolored top with strands of honey, orange and pink (The color is called “Cassis”).  When spun it has a pinkish brown/orange cast.  It will make a really attractive sweater.   I pretty quickly filled up that bobbin.  It’s much faster spinning than the merino/tencel blend.

Now I’m back to spinning the merino/tencel, hoping to get another bobbin done so I can make a two ply yarn and try knitting a swatch to see how the yarn knits up.

I’ve started a natural white sweater with the white Correidale yarn I spun a few weeks ago.  I’m knitting it loosely, so that it will be a good sweater for spring.  I’m putting in some yoke designs with some navy blue mohair.  So far the dark blue looks good with the natural white yarn.

On spinning some fine, slippery, wool-Tencel Fiber

I’ve had a two pound bag of beautiful honey colored merino/Tencel fiber that I’ve been putting off spinning; I tried some dark brown fiber of the same type several years ago and ended up with a thick, heavy yarn that did not knit up well.  I’ve finally been inspired to try again, realizing that I need to spin this fiber very thin for the resulting two ply yarn to knit up well into a wearable garment.  I separated the fiber lengthwise into long narrow strips; this made it much easier to spin the yarn into a fine yarn without the problem of the slippery fibers separating and pulling apart as I spun.

I love the silky feel and look of the fiber.  It has a glow and sheen that really is a lot like silk in appearance and feel.  It is taking a long time to spin, as the yarn is very thin.  I have to spin two bobbins before I can do a two ply yarn; then I will see if my attempt at a usable knitting yarn is successful.